Drive Power Neb Ultra Compressor Nebulizer

· Compressor

· Reservoir Tube

· 7-Foot Tubing

· Medication Cup

· T-Adapter

· Mouthpiece

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Drive Power Neb Ultra Overview

The Drive Power Neb Ultra includes a four-piece nebulizer kit that helps to ensure effective, efficient therapy. The powerful Piston pump compressor delivers 10 psi of air to aerosolize the medication into particles ranging from 0.5 to 5 microns. This ensures effective penetration of the medication into the lungs.

Weighing in at only 3 pounds, this nebulizer is compact and convenient, ready to simply move with you from room to room or pack in a carry-on bag or luggage for the next family vacation or business trip.

Drive Power Neb Ultra can be used with the included disposable nebulizer kit, or with an optional reusable nebulizer. In addition to a standard mouthpiece, both adult and pediatric mask sizes are available for respiratory treatment.

Setting Up The Drive Power Compressor Nebulizer

To properly set up the nebulizer, first, attach one end of the tubing to the air outlet on the side of the device. Attach the other end of the tube to the medicine cup. Place your medicine dose into the cup, secure the cap and then attach the connector to the top of the cap. The mouthpiece should attach to one end of the connector the reservoir tube attaches to the other end.

Once the medicine is in the chamber, do not turn or rotate the chamber in any way. The Power Neb Ultra has a built-in holder for the nebulizer for easy storage when not in use.

Drive Power Neb Ultra Nebulizer Compatibility

If you have a compressor then you might be wondering whether the drive power neb ultra nebulizer will be compatible with your compressor. The compatibility depends on the tubing size and not the brand or manufacturer of the nebulizer. Nebulizers only require compressed air from the compressor machine in order to perform their function. Therefore, the tubing size is universal so that it can be used to connect any compressor with any nebulizer. So, you can buy Drive Power Neb Ultra Nebulizer without worrying about the compatibility with your compressor.

Cleaning & Care of Drive Compressor Nebulizer

To clean the disposable nebulizer kit, first, disconnect it from the Power Neb Ultra. Set the nebulizer tubing aside and wash the remaining items in warm water with a mild detergent. Once the excess soap is removed, disinfect the nebulizer components in three parts hot water and one part white vinegar for 30 minutes. Disposable nebulizer kits should be replaced approximately every 15 days, though proper cleaning may somewhat extend their life.

To clean the Drive Power Neb Ultra, use a damp cloth to wipe the exterior of the device. Make sure it is unplugged from power. Do not use any lubricants or oils.

The Power Neb Ultra should not be operated without particulate filters to prevent dust and dirt from entering the machine. These filters should be inspected regularly and replaced if wet or damaged. Otherwise, replace the filters every six months.

This Drive nebulizer comes with a five-year limited warranty from the manufacturer. If you experience any problems with your device, contact our customer care team for assistance or to help facilitate a warranty claim.



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