DeVilbiss Auto Bi-level with Heated Humidifier BIPAP Machine


  • Flow Rounding functions eases transitions between IPAP and EPAP pressure
  • AutoAdjust technology – automatic pressure changes during therapy
  • Humidifier prevents nasal congestion, irritation and dryness
  • SmartCode allows for effective data management
  • Automatic start/stop function
  • Compact and lightweight
  • SoftStart technology
  • LCD screen

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Advanced BiPAP Machine with Humidifier

The IntelliPAP Auto Bilevel Machine with Humidifier by DeVilbiss is a technologically sophisticated, high performing device packed with top quality features. The IntelliPAP Auto Bilevel device has been specially created to meet patient demands on a regular basis. With its convenient design, high degree portability and advanced capabilities this machine has the potential to revolutionize sleep apnea therapy.

Flow Rounding & SoftStart Technology

During therapy it is common to experience sudden changes in your IPAP and EPAP pressure levels; flow rounding is designed to make sure that these quick changes in pressure do not cause negative consequences for you. Flow rounding is intended to smooth things out and provide increased comfort during such situations. Bilevel therapy typically requires higher pressure levels in order to deliver top quality results; SoftStart technology will gradually increase your pressure until it reaches the set IPAP pressure level so as to make things easier on the patient.

SmartCode System

Occasionally, products require patients to purchase expensive monitoring software in order to stay up-to-date with their therapy; with the IntelliPAP Auto BiPAP Machines this requirement is nonexistent. The Devilbiss BiPAP machine will allow you to record and store your critical therapy data on its own; then, SmartCode will permit you to view your data on the LCD screen and also share your information.

Auto Start & Stop

The IntelliPAP Auto Bilevel Machine includes an automatic start & stop function which can be activated in the settings of the LCD display. When turned on, this function hitches the machine so that therapy will not begin until you start breathing, and will cease as soon as the mask is taken off. With the auto start & stop function you won’t have to worry about wasting power on your machine.

Convenient Design

The IntelliPAP Auto Bilevel Machine by DeVilbiss is a compact, lightweight device which makes it very easy to transport during travel. An exceptionally quiet BiPAP machine, the IntelliPAP Auto Bilevel will allow you and your bed partner to sleep without any worries of being woken up or distracted. This machine features a special LCD display for convenient viewing, and it also has an inbuilt power supply which reduces its overall footprint.

Additional information

Weight 4.45 lbs
Dimensions 8.4 × 6.5 × 6.4 in


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