Blue Disposable Underpads 50ct


· Super Absorbing System—Mix imported fluff pulp and SAP factor, absorbent quickly locks in fluids and helps prevent odor. soaking up 1200ml to 1500ml of water per bed mat. keeping liquid away from the skin to promote sound sleep and peace of mind for adults or children.

· Comfortable and Safety— Disposable waterproof underpads filled with soft fluff for premium comfort and delicate care for adults and children, and contains no irritating chemicals, salts, or dyes to avoid any Uncomfortable.

· Non-Slip—Waterproof, Blue non-slip backsheet keeps the mat firmly in place on top of the sheet all night long. It underpads 23×36 inches (90cm x 60cm) with maximum absorption capacity.

· Sealed On Four Sizes And The Bottom—Moisture-proof barrier helps keep beds, chairs, and other surfaces dry. The backing is made of high-quality polypropylene to prevent leakage. The non-permeable layers at the bottom and four sized prevent leakage efficiently while the soft fluff fill absorbs a higher volume efficiently. Sheets and mattress pads protect from moisture and staining.

· Multiple Uses— Brosive bed pad ideal for incontinence, pets, antiques, and more! Used for chairs, beds, the floor, or Children’s strollers. Perfect for people of any age, especially for children, the elderly, or disabled people suffering from incontinence. Also, Serve as the Ideal Dog Training Pads


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Our sheet protectors are designed with 5 absorbent and protective layers to keep your sheets and bed dry and protected all night while still being comfortable and unobtrusive. Comfortable soft non-woven fabrics top surface, 2 breathable tissue paper fill layer, super absorbent fluff pulp and SAP inner layer and leakage-proof non slip PE film, keeping liquid away from skin to promote sound sleep and peace of mind for adults or children.


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