Compact Electric Wheelchair by Vive (FREE SHIPPING)


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The Vive Mobility compact power wheelchair safely and smoothly navigates over grass, gravel, pavement, carpeting and other hard surfaces

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    Folding in seconds, the compact motorized wheelchair is perfect for air travel, cruise ship travel and everyday outings


    Easy to operate, the power wheelchair utilizes a 360-degree joystick controller that includes speed controls, a safety horn and a convenient USB charging port


    Powered by a rechargeable battery, the compact power wheelchair has a maximum speed of 4 mph and a driving range up to 12 miles per charge


    Constructed with lightweight steel, the durable motorized wheelchair frame safely supports up to 220 pounds


    Soft and breathable, the wheelchair seat is thickly padded and generously wide for optimal comfort and includes an adjustable safety belt

    Looking for $50 OFF. Use Promo Code: HHWCH.

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  • Compact electric wheelchair
  • Folds in seconds for easy travel and storage
  • Easy to operate with joystick speed controller
  • Wide, comfortable seat with adjustable footrests
  • Includes battery and charging cable
  • Limited Three-Year Guarantee

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3 reviews for Compact Electric Wheelchair by Vive (FREE SHIPPING)

  1. mikayla

    So, I checked out this electric wheelchair from vive and I gotta say, it’s pretty sweet. One of the coolest things about it is how customizable it is. You can adjust the seat, armrests, footrests, and even the control options to fit your individual needs. Plus, there are different wheel and tire options to choose from, so you can really customize it to your liking.

  2. mafu

    We bought this chair on a Tuesday. It was delivered on Thursday. We left Friday morning for Niagara Falls. The chair took us everywhere we wanted to go!

  3. haran

    This is a well-built machine! It took about 30 minutes to carefully assemble. Directions were easy to follow. My wife, dealing with MS, needed a scooter to get around our home on those days when the legs just don’t want to move, and especially after a shower, which can drain her of what little energy she has. She said, “It’s the best $700 we ever spent!” That’s all I needed to hear. Highly recommend this scooter. Follow the instructions and fully charge the battery until the LED is Green and then add another hour or two of charging to get the battery to optimal condition and charge storing. It turns on a dime and can squeeze through any size doorway. The blue finish is really nice. Afterall, we live in a blue state. 😉

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